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Privacy policy

Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 §


Pakuso LLC
Ohrakuja 9
21360 Lieto as.
Business Identity Code 2645927-4

Contact person

Veikko Karvinen
+358 40 703 0831

Register name

Customer register of Pakuso LLC

Personal information

Personal information is used to handle orders, billing, contact and other customer actions. Part of personal information may be transferred to subcontractors of Pakuso LLC in order to fulfil required actions.

Register contents

Customer’s forename and surname, customer number, address, phone number, e-mail address, web address, language.
Customer’s login name and password.
Information on customer’s purchases and discounts.
Information on customer’s marketing permissions and bans.

Data sources

www.pakuso.com web shop.

Relinquishment of data

Pakuso LLC does not relinquish data to third parties. Company can, however, relinquish data to authorities in permitted and obligatory lawful cases.

Transferring data outside EU or European Economic Area

Data is not transferred outside EU or European Economic Area.


Pakuso.com uses cookies to observe visitor traffic and to improve service quality.

Protection of the register

Customer register is handled confidentially and guarded by firewalls and other technical methods.
The register is not retained in printed form.
Only persons with adequate job descriptions use the register. Every user of the register has personal login name and password.
Users are bound to obligation of secrecy.

Data updates

Customer can update his or her name and address when logged in his or her account. Other data can be updated by contacting the administrator of the web shop.

Lieto as. 25.11.2016